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Native Mac recording comes to GoToMeeting!

For some it’s been a long time coming, but GoToMeeting (GoToTraining, GoToWebinar), has just added recording to the Mac client. New customers who sign up now will automatically receive the latest version of software v5.2, existing customers simply need to log

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More secrets of GoToWebinar

A while back I posted The secrets to a great Webinar, in which I covered some of the things you can do to prepare for your webinar to make it more successful.  Today I’m going to show you a couple of built

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Record GoToMeetings on your Mac using Screeny.

I won’t lie to you, I found out about this great free application from Lifehacker one of my all time favorite blogs.  I’ve posted before about using QuickTime on your Mac to record your desktop and GoToMeeting sessions, it works but

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Fix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar recordings for Camtasia

Thanks to a post on Twitter, I just became aware of this YouTube video about GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar recordings in Camtasia.  Once you remove the GoToMeeting codec from your recording you get a WMV file, this file does not always play well

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Glenn Dobson

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I currently live in California but hail from New Zealand where I worked in Radio as a Sound Engineer.  Linux is hobby/passion of mine, and I never get tired of learning new things. 

I'm currently the Social Support guy for Citrix Online, which means if you Tweet, Blog, post to or about us on our Facebook pages (or anywhere else online), we'll end up talking eventually.  I walk the fine line of Customer and Company advocate and believe Social is all about service.

PS. I don't spend nearly enough time playing guitar these days.

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