An experiment in free.

An experiment in free.

GoToMeeting Free is a new service that ha just launched as an experiment by Citrix.  All you need is a computer with the latest version of Google Chrome installed, which means it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.  It’s pretty basic at this time, there is no formal support but you can provide feedback via a feedback form (which I strongly recommend you do).  So why not take it out for a “spin around the block”, it’s free and you might just like it!

Get that clean screen feeling on your Mac.

Get that clean screen feeling on your Mac.

Users on a PC have long since had the ability to use a “Clean” option when
showing their desktops in a GoToMeeting session. This functionality allows
you to hide your desktop icons, task bar, and desktop background.

Until recently we haven’t had the ability to do that with a Mac, however

using a 3rd party application called Backdrop, you can now get some of the
same screen effects.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, open it from your dock using this

Opening the Backdrop application will cause your screen to turn white. You
can change the color by opening preferences:

Once you have selected your color, you will see it change on your
background. What once looked like this:

Now, it looks like this:

Your attendees now see:

Special thanks to the brilliant @ChrisHCitrix for this guide!

Native Mac recording comes to GoToMeeting!

Native Mac recording comes to GoToMeeting!

For some it’s been a long time coming, but GoToMeeting (GoToTraining, GoToWebinar), has just added recording to the Mac client.

New customers who sign up now will automatically receive the latest version of software v5.2, existing customers simply need to log into their accounts online and update.

If you (an existing customer), do not see the update option, log into your account via this link.

Once this is done, all you need to do is start a Meeting, Webinar or Training to install the new version of software.

A new Record button is added to your control, simply click it to start and stop recording.

There are some basic recording settings added to the Preferences, such where save your recordings and when to convert them to MP4 format.

Once you have finished recording it needs to go through a conversion process before you can share it.  You can select to have this happen automatically or you can convert your recordings manually at a time that works best for you.