Use an IP Webcam with GoToMeeting HDFaces

Use an IP Webcam with GoToMeeting HDFaces

Happy 2013!

Recently a GoToMeeting customer posted in the community asking how they could use their IP Webcam with GoToMeeting HDFaces.  As GoToMeeting only recognizes webcams connected to the computer I was about to reply that it was not possible, that was until I remembered a blog post from last year, made by a good friend of mine. Chris worked out how you could play video through GoToMeetings HDFaces feature using an application called ManyCam (you can read it here).

I had a hunch and decided to read through the ManyCam documentation, and it turns out that one of the sources ManyCam will let you choose is IP Webcams!  So if you have an IP Webcam or video equipment that can broadcast online, you can follow Chris’ guide and select it as the Source in ManyCam and it will display in the HDFaces window!



Please note that this is a work around, it is not supported by Citrix or their Support staff.