More secrets of GoToWebinar

More secrets of GoToWebinar

A while back I posted The secrets to a great Webinar, in which I covered some of the things you can do to prepare for your webinar to make it more successful.  Today I’m going to show you a couple of built in GoToWebinar features and how to get the most out of them.

Auto redirect Registrants to a URL of your choice.

The process of scheduling a GoToWebinar is pretty straight forward, so I’m going to skip right through to the last option.  This feature allows you to automatically redirect someone that registers for your webinar, to another URL.  The most obvious use of this feature is to direct the registrant to your product page or blog etc, whatever it is you plan to promote.  Some less obvious uses (but potentially more beneficial), are;

  • Automatically redirect registrants to a web page containing any special instructions, information they should be aware of prior to the webinar.
  • Redirect to your YouTube page (or similar), containing a video greeting letting them know you appreciate their interest and giving a quick highlight of what the stand to gain from actually attending.
  • Redirect to a page containing or linking to any relevant pre-reading/watching,  relevant information that will help them understand your webianr content better.
  • If you know you are going to have an international audience, provide a page with instructions in multiple languages.

Ultimately you’re only limited by your imagination.

Email Notifications

Once you have scheduled your GoToWebinar you have the ability to edit and make changes as well as personalize the Emails registrants will receive.

  • Log into your account, go to My Webinars and select the newly scheduled webinar. 
  • In the drop down box opposite Change Session Settings: select Email Notifications

On this page you have the option to Personalize the Confirmation, Reminder, Follow Up and even the Email sent to Registrants that failed to attend.  This gives you 4 more opportunities to  reinforce your message and provide information to your audience.

Of course as the old saying goes “Less is more”, so don’t go overboard as the result may be the opposite of what you desired.

Schedule GoToMeetings without an Email Client installed.

Schedule GoToMeetings without an Email Client installed.

Day after day, more and more people are moving their office into “the cloud”.  Services like Google Docs and Zoho Office combined with easier access to the Internet, are making it possible to have a virtual office which is not locked down to one computer.  Now if you happen to use GoToMeeting you will be familiar with it’s Email client integration and how easy it makes scheduling and event… but what if you don’t use Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird etc?

Well there’s actually a very simple GoToMeeting Preference change that you can make:

In Windows right click the GoToMeeting icon located in the system tray and select Preferences, if you use a Mac start GoToMeeting and access the Preferences from the Tool Bar.

Then select Integrations and uncheck the box next to Use GoToMeeting with and click OK

Now when you schedule your next GoToMeeting you will see this window containing your meeting details and the option to copy them to your clipboard.

From here you can paste your meeting info anywhere, for example a shared calendar on Google Docs, your Facebook page for easy sharing.

Use Entourage or Thunderbird with GoToMeeting on a Mac

Use Entourage or Thunderbird with GoToMeeting on a Mac

Just as Windows comes with Outlook installed Macs come with their own default Email application called Mail, and if you use GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar on a Mac they will open Mail by default when scheduling.  If Mail is not your application of choice and you prefer to use Entourage or Thunderbird, follow these steps to banish that pesky Mail!

If you have never set up Mail on your Mac you will need to do this first as you cannot access the Preferences other wise.  Don’t worry it only takes a moment to set up a fake account, just follow the sets in these pictures and ignore any error messages you see.

Now that you have a Mail account created, you will be able to access the Preferences and then change the Default Email Reader to the application of your choice.