GoToAssist adds support for iOS devices.

GoToAssist adds support for iOS devices.

With the most recent update to GoToAssist Remote Support, Experts can now start to tackle the mobile World.  The first addition lets your Clients can now request support from their mobile device directly from your personalized portal

Once you accept the request you can enter into a chat session with your Client.

The second part adds the ability for Experts to configure iOS devices remotely.  All you need to do is download and install Apple’s official iPhone Configuration Utility, this allows you to create configuration profiles with the settings you want to apply.  From there it’s a simple case of starting a support session with your Client, then pushing a link to them via chat.  Once your Client downloads the configuration file they simply click Install.

You can read more about these new features on the official GoToAssist blog.

Social Media for Support – Getting started.

Social Media for Support – Getting started.

Last year was a big one for Social Media and 2011 is looking to be even bigger.  It’s time you stopped thinking that only Marketing and PR people need to concern themselves with Social Media, if you’re in Customer Support you should be there too.

You may have already set up a Facebook account, which you soon abandoned after the millionth request for help with someones farm or tried “Tweeting” a couple of times about what you just ate, before giving up and moving on with your life.  You wouldn’t be the first to roll your eyes and exclaim “I tried it, and I don’t get what all the fuss is about?” The point is, it’s not really important if you “get it” in the beginning, chances are some of your customers do “get it”  and they’re expecting you to be there listening.  Underneath all of the links to funny cat videos and famous quotes you’ll find many people simply asking questions, I’m going to show you how using a couple of simple tools you’ll be able to find the questions being asked about you.

The first tool I am going to suggest to you is Google Alerts, it’s been around a while and is very easy to use.  Basically it allows you to set up automated searches using the key words of your choice e.g. Company name, Product or Service name.  The results of these searches are then sent to your Email right away, daily or weekly.  You may wonder what is the benefit?  Well it’s a very easy way to find blog and online forum posts that you would other wise miss and redirect wayward customers back to your own Knowledge Base and Support Sites.

The second tool is specifically for Twitter and is a great way for you to see how much activity there is before you setup a dedicated Twitter account.  The site is called TweetGrid and it allows you to set up a grid of keyword searches for Twitter posts, 9 x 9 being the maximum.  Each search box automatically refreshes so you can pretty much set it and forget it.

I only a few minutes you’ve set up an automatic Social Media monitoring station, the next step is to simply watch the results come in and then decide what kind of response is required.  I’ll cover formulating a support strategy in another blog post soon.