There’s a doc for that!

There’s a doc for that!

Some times the very thing you need is sitting right under your nose, yet somehow you miss it.  The support site for GoToMeeting is a bit like that, it’s full of useful information that go well beyond your normal FAQs, for example:

  • Want to ensure the best possible conference call audio during your meeting webinar or training?  Well there’s a document for that!
  • Want to know how to show a video during your meeting, webinar or training? There’s a doc for that too!
  • Got some first time attendees joining?  Want to make sure they know how to join?  Yep, there’s a doc for that as well.

All you need to do to access the wealth of information is visit and click on Documents on the top menu bar.  Now if reading isn’t your thing, check out the Videos and Training, you can register for one of our weekly free Organizer trainings which are run by a very gifted group of people.  And if you missed out on this weeks training session no worries, we have a number of videos you can watch in the mean time explaining many of the key features you’ll be using as well as how to be successful when presenting to an audience.

One of the last menu items is Professional Services, here you will find links to WebAttract a company that has partnered with Citrix Online to take your webinars to the next level.

Disable On Hold Beeps for GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar

Disable On Hold Beeps for GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar

If you’ve ever joined a GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar early, you would have heard the beep that’s meant to let you know to stay on the line.  Well as it turns out a lot of people dislike the beep actually HATE the beep is probably more accurate.  What a lot of people do not know is there is a way to disable the beep as well as the entry and exit chimes made when attendees join and leave the audio conference.

As the Organizer who is hosting the GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar, simply open the Audio pane in your side panel:

Click on the Edit button on the option you want to enable or disable, it’s as easy as that!

In GoToMeeting’s new Windows design you have to right click on the menu in order to see the options.

audio controls

Transmit audio from your computer during your GoToMeeting

Transmit audio from your computer during your GoToMeeting

In this How To guide I will explain how you can use the Integrated Audio feature of GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, to transmit the audio from your computer to your Attendees. These methods can also be used in conjunction with this guide to playing back video embedded in a PowerPoint or stand alone.

The first method is the Software Option:

•    Please note that when you use this method you will not be able to use your microphone, you will need to join the conference call via a land line.

1. Double click on the volume icon in the system tray

2. Go to Options –> Properties

3. Under “Adjust Volume For” choose “Recording”

4. Make sure “Stereo Mix” is checked

5. Press OK

6. On the new screen, place the checkbox for “Select” under “Stereo Mix”

You are now ready to play back your audio.

The second method is the Hardware Option:

•    With this method you can use your microphone and play audio at the same.

Parts needed:     Two (2) 3.5mm audio splitters (one male, two female)

One (1) 3.5mm audio patch cable (two male ends, typically 3” long)

1. Plug one splitter into your LINE OUT port (for speakers, typically colored green)

2. Plug the other splitter into your MICROPHONE port (typically pink)

3. Plug the patch cable into the splitter on LINE OUT and then into the splitter on MICROPHONE.

4. Plug your MICROPHONE into the microphone splitter,  and then plug your SPEAKERS into the line out splitter.

Being a believer and occasional victim of Murphy’s law, I strongly recommend that you hold a practice session before you attempt this with a live audience.