New Converter Batch File for GoToMeeting Recordings.

New Converter Batch File for GoToMeeting Recordings.

UPDATE: This is no longer required, please see my most recent post about recording, Ch ch ch changes to GoToMeeting Recording

As with all updates, the latest release of GoToMeeting version 6.0 included some changes designed to improve the GoToMeeting experience. Because of these changes, a new Converter Batch File was required and my very talented co-worker Dane has once again delivered!

1. Download the Converter BATCH file (Converter_v2.bat) and move it to the Desktop

2. Drag-n-drop the WMV file on to the Converter BATCH file


3. Enter the appropriate build of GoToMeeting and hit enter


4. Once finished, the converter will replace the original file with the converted file.

Also, the GoToMeeting Transcoding Wizard has been updated to work with the latest version of GoToMeeting.  You can download it directly from the GoToMeeting Support Site.


Small and silent home NAS

Small and silent home NAS

Normally I blog about news and guides for Citrix related products, but today I’m breaking that habit.  For a long time I have wanted to set up some kind of storage device on my home network, something I could access from my PCs, Laptop, Tablets and smartphone.  I didn’t want to run a full sized PC 24/7 as that uses a lot of electricity, I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dedicated NAS (Network Attached Storage). device.  As an avid reader I had heard of the PogoPlug, but then I found this guide and knew it was the path for me.

You can pick up a PogoPlug (Eo2 model), on Amazon for less than $40.00 USD, add a 2+ TB USB hard drive and most of you will have enough storage for your Music and Photos.  Plus you can still use the official PogoPlug software and access your files from anywhere!  My first test was to stream a video on my phone over 4G while my Wife was driving us somewhere.  

This blogger has done a wonderful job with this guide and provides great support if you have any questions.