Who is GlennDCitrix?

My current title is Community Leader, Social Media Support for Citrix Online, which really just tells you what I do and not who I am.

I was born and raised in New Zealand, so if you’ve ever met a Kiwi I’m a bit like that.  I own a couple of guitars which I do not play nearly enough, and have far too many computers (just ask my wife).

After getting my diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production, I got a job in a small production company working in Radio as an audio engineer, churning out radio shows, ads and jingles.

Moving to California in my early 20s offered me  a number of new challenges and opportunities, one of which was learning how to build PCs.  I’ve always enjoyed finding out how or why things work the way they do, fixing them or simply tweaking them.  PCs are GREAT for that.

In 2002 I started working as a customer support agent for ExpertCity who became part of Citrix and is now known as Citrix Online.  I’ve progressed through a number of roles which have lead me here to my current position.

As I mentioned, I like to solve problems and fix things but it’s more that just Customer Service, it’s about Customer Success.


2 thoughts on “Who is GlennDCitrix?

  1. Hi Glenn, My friend Roger Courville suggested that I contact you with this question. I just started using GTW (mac based) and discovered that I am not able to use the powerpoint presenter tools to see notes, next slide, etc. I ended up using two computers, but feel it is a clumsy solution. Roger was sure that if anyone would know how to do that, it would be you. Thanks for your help!
    Al Lee

    1. Hi Al, sorry for the late reply. I have not had much luck recreating the issue you are describing, it would be best if you called our toll free 24/7 Support and worked with one of our agents directly.

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