Use an IP Webcam with GoToMeeting HDFaces

Use an IP Webcam with GoToMeeting HDFaces

Happy 2013!

Recently a GoToMeeting customer posted in the community asking how they could use their IP Webcam with GoToMeeting HDFaces.  As GoToMeeting only recognizes webcams connected to the computer I was about to reply that it was not possible, that was until I remembered a blog post from last year, made by a good friend of mine. Chris worked out how you could play video through GoToMeetings HDFaces feature using an application called ManyCam (you can read it here).

I had a hunch and decided to read through the ManyCam documentation, and it turns out that one of the sources ManyCam will let you choose is IP Webcams!  So if you have an IP Webcam or video equipment that can broadcast online, you can follow Chris’ guide and select it as the Source in ManyCam and it will display in the HDFaces window!



Please note that this is a work around, it is not supported by Citrix or their Support staff.


12 thoughts on “Use an IP Webcam with GoToMeeting HDFaces

  1. Hi Glenn, this has been working with for me with other applications that use video cameras, such as my Blackmagic capture card and also a very handy software that works as a switcher, called XSplit Broadcaster. With these I can show just about any video in the HDFaces window of GoToMeeting in real time. That is one more reason why it would really help to have HD Faces in GoToWebinar. Hopefully, 2013 will be the year that Citrix considers this feature seriously and implements it. We know it’s not a technical challenge, but rather some other lack of priority, as the technical portion of it was acquired more than a year ago when Citrix bought Netviewer. Netviewer had it implemented across the globe and it looked great!

    1. Thanks for the feedback about XSplit Broadcaster. We have been working on adding HDFaces to GoToWebinar and GoToTrainng already, it has been a priority and will hopefully be available soon. There are actually some technical challenges however with streaming HD video for larger number of webcams and attendees, but I know that we are actively working on it.

      1. Thanks for the replies Glenn. There are small companies like Ustream and LiveStream that have also solved it, for audiences well above 100 simultaneous attendees, and for video streams well above the 720×480 size allowed by HD Faces. The good thing about Xsplit is that you can configure it to match its output to the HDFaces settings and get a really good live or canned video in your meeting, up to 25 people concurrently. To learn more about it, visit I get no financial benefit from mentioning it – I just think it’s a great deal for online meeting hosts who use GTM on a regular basis.

  2. Glenn, I’m also curious about using the cameras on iPhones and IPads with HDFaces and GoToMeeting. Does the GTM app support them? And are there any instructions for use that I can pass on to my meeting participants who are ever more frequently inclined to attend with their smartphone and tablet devices?

  3. Hi this is a great solution! Thanks so much. I was wondering will the same work with the audio received by the IP camera or is manycam only able to handle video over IP? If the latter is true, don’t suppose you have another trick up your sleeve? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Steven, I believe ManyCam is audio only. I have a blog post that explains how to transmit audio from your computer over a GoToMeeting also, if that helps? Just search Transmit.

      1. Thanks for such a speedy reply!!! Did you make a typo and should have said ” I believe ManyCam is video only” instead of “audio only”???

        Just looked at the post you suggested as it happens I was thinking “what would happen if I put a cable between the mic and output jacks” so am delighted you mentioned it in your blog – I think that is the way forward as using the software method the audio will still be playing over the external speakers and I don’t want that. Thanks!

    2. You can also play around with the setting your system microphone to “Stereo Mix.” It’s a little hard to find on Windows7 machines, but it is in there. Whatever is heard on your computer is what would be coming through your “mic” in the meeting that way.

  4. Hi Glenn – just my quick update on this topic. The latest version of Xsplit now works with the latest version of GoToWebinar and Meeting. You can use Xsplit ( as a video broadcast switcher, set at 640×360 (16X9) matched to GoToWebinar’s 16×9 webcam setting and send whatever content you want into the Webcam window of GoToWebinar/Meeting. It looks great and is a real time video stream. Not in HD, as HDFaces might have you believe, but it still looks pretty good on the user end. Attendees can make their own webcam windows large by dragging the corner of the GTW view down and to the right. And ManyCam also works in a similar way. However, Xsplit will handle a wide variety of video (including IP cameras and capture cards) and audio sources (from media files), plus titling, etc. Sorry Mac users – Windows only. I don’t sell Xsplit – just find it super-useful and a good all-around solution to streaming video in a webinar session at a very low cost.

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