Native Mac recording comes to GoToMeeting!

Native Mac recording comes to GoToMeeting!

For some it’s been a long time coming, but GoToMeeting (GoToTraining, GoToWebinar), has just added recording to the Mac client.

New customers who sign up now will automatically receive the latest version of software v5.2, existing customers simply need to log into their accounts online and update.

If you (an existing customer), do not see the update option, log into your account via this link.

Once this is done, all you need to do is start a Meeting, Webinar or Training to install the new version of software.

A new Record button is added to your control, simply click it to start and stop recording.

There are some basic recording settings added to the Preferences, such where save your recordings and when to convert them to MP4 format.

Once you have finished recording it needs to go through a conversion process before you can share it.  You can select to have this happen automatically or you can convert your recordings manually at a time that works best for you.


4 thoughts on “Native Mac recording comes to GoToMeeting!

    1. Hi Adam, you should be on build #978 which includes native mac recording. If you are part of a Corporate account you may not have been upgraded yet, I would recommend calling the toll free 24/7 Support for assistance.

  1. Hi Glenn, I have Version for Mac and I set my recording preferences to convert each file later. Now running the converter, I get an error that says ‘unable to use the audio recording.’ All the audio temp files are of sizes 1-5 MB. Strangely, the audio temp file for the very first recording is 26MB. At any rate, none of the files will convert and all give the same error message for audio. Are there alternate solutions, even Windows-based ones that I could get a colleague to do for me?

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