Re-enable Java downloads in Mac OS X

Re-enable Java downloads in Mac OS X

Apple has recently disabled automatic Java downloads for Mac OS X 10.7 users with a recent Java update.  This change prevents Citrix Online products from downloading on your computer.

In order to restore this functionality, you must make a change to your Java preferences

In the top menu bar click the Spotlight
Enter Java preferences and click on the Java preferences search result
Click the General Tab
Check Enable applet plug-in and Web Start Applications
Close Java Preferences
Quit and re-open your browser and try your download again


2 thoughts on “Re-enable Java downloads in Mac OS X

  1. Hi Glenn, so the implications of this are that any audience members with Macs will have trouble attending Goto Meetings and Webinars? Is that correct? Maybe I should include a link to this post in all of my invitations and meeting notices now? I’m glad you told me about it – do you know that a good 20-30% of my audience are Mac users? When does this apply – like is it effective now – just as soon as a Mac user updates their Java? Shouldn’t Citrix look at technology that doesn’t require downloading its products, like the technology it acquired when it bought Netviewer.

  2. Hi Gary, you’re correct this will affect any Mac users that update. We have already been working on a new install/launcher that does not not use Java, it is being tested currently.

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