Get to know the new GoToMyPC iOS App.

Get to know the new GoToMyPC iOS App.

Last week saw the launch of the new GoToMyPC iOS App.  For iPad users this meant an update providing improved navigation and for iPhone and iPod Touch owners, it meant they were finally untethered from their desktops.  Now that you’ve had a few days to play with the App, I thought I’d go over it’s features and general use in a little more detail.

When you launch the App you’ll see a straight forward login screen with one important feature, the ability to save your Account Password.  This is great because it means you don’t have to type in your case sensitive password each time you want to connect, if you’re anything like me you’ve already got a secure password locking your phone anyway.

Once you are connected you’ll see the gestures you can use while connected.  Now if you’re like me you probably closed this window right away so you could see your desktop and try the App out.   Well no worries, you can launch this window again at any time while you’re in session, but more about this later.  The gestures are very handy, the two I find myself using the most often are the Three Finger Tap and Pinch In and Out.

At the top of the screen you notice a small black tab with an arrow, give it a tap and the Menu bar will drop down.

From left to right; X will end your session and disconnect you from your Host, the Arrows bring up directional arrow buttons for navigating,

next is the Keyboard and the gear brings up the Preferences Window on your Hosts screen,

and finally the Question Mark brings up the Gestures Window you closed so quickly at the start of your session.

The virtual mouse makes navigating on such a small screen very easy, and you can always just tap on your screen to re-position it.  All in all the GoToMyPC iOS App is a dream to operate, there is one tip I’d like to pass on to anyone needing to send a Ctrl+Alt+Delete in order to logon or off Windows on their Host PC.  First hold your iPhone on it’s side in landscape mode and then tap Ctrl then Alt and finally Delete one after another on the keyboard, don’t try and push all three together at the same time.

Personally I’ve enjoyed using GoToMyPC on my iPad and the new App is great on my Wife’s iPod Touch but what I’m really excited about is still coming…. soon.


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