Mix and match with HDFaces for your perfect meeting.

Mix and match with HDFaces for your perfect meeting.

Like many of you, if I buy something I want to use it the way I want and not just how I’m told.  This plays a big part in my shopping decisions (especially when it comes to technology purchases), and leads to a lot of time spent researching before I buy.  It’s also my inspiration for this post.

If you already use GoToMeeting you will be familiar with it’s features; like built in phone conferencing, the ability to share control of the keyboard and mouse for collaboration, drawing etc.  With the addition of HDFaces you now also have the ability to share up to 6 web cams at a time during your meeting and actually see who is talking.

What you might not know, is that you don’t have to share your screen via GoToMeeting to use HDFaces and the conferencing!  Just start you meeting, join the conference call and share your webcam.  Add on the ability to control the size, shape and location of the HDFaces window and you’re left with plenty of desktop real estate for another application.

If you find that your meetings have a habit of being side tracked and lose focus, you might want to consider combining HDFaces with something like LessMeeting or Minutes.io

Or perhaps you need to take the collaborative drawing a little further with an online whiteboard solution like Dabbleboard, Twiddla or Conceptboard.

Ultimately you can mix and match your HDFaces video conferencing with anything you like!


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