Become a Tech Support Superstar with just a Tablet or Smartphone!

Become a Tech Support Superstar with just a Tablet or Smartphone!

Updated: 1/21/2014

So you’re busy playing Angry Birds when the phone suddenly rings, it’s your Dad and he’s having trouble printing…. again.  Normally what happens next is a very long and frustrating phone call or a trip to Mum and Dad’s to fix the printer “visit”.  Well no longer!  With GoToAssist Remote Support you now have the ability to fix Dad’s printer issue from your iPad and for free!

All you need to do is sign up for a GoToAssist Remote Support Free Mobile Plan, and then download the iOS or Android App.  Easy!

Once you have logged in to the App using the Email address and Password for your Free Mobile Plan, a support session will be created and you’ll see instructions on how to have your client Dad join.  The first way to to direct him to a website and enter in a code, or you can Email a link directly from your iPad.

Once you are connected you will be able to see the screen of the Windows PC or Mac, communicate via the built in Chat and control the computer.

Unlike some of the other remote access Apps available for the iPad, GoToManage takes real advantage of the iPad’s touch screen which lets face it, is the main reason to buy one in the first place!  Instead of dragging your finger around the screen trying to control the pointer as if you were still using a mouse or track pad, you simply tap on the screen where you want the pointer to be, just as you do with most iPad Apps.  If you need to be more precise with where you are tapping simply use the pinch to zoom feature which goes up to 300%, so even fat fingered geeks like me can do it.  Once zoomed in you can fling the desktop around with your finger, it’s like your flying and is are quick way to navigate around especially if the computer you are connecting to has more than one monitor.

If you are old enough you might remember an old TV advertisement showing someone sitting at the beach working… well with a 3g iPad that could now be you.  Or you could just keep play Angry Birds.

iOS App Fact Sheet  and  Android App Fact Sheet


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