Custom GoToWebinar Registration Page

Custom GoToWebinar Registration Page

Update 11/9/2011

Citrix Online has just made public official APIs for GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, more information can be found here 

I’ve been sitting on this one for quite a while, mainly because it’s not something officially supported by Citrix Online and the team at GoToWebinar. But if you know a thing or two about putting a webpage together you can download this example to build your own custom GoToWebinar Registration page!

Click me to download the example page!

All credit for this example goes to Mike G. a brilliant former co-worker.  Good on ya mate!


5 thoughts on “Custom GoToWebinar Registration Page

  1. Hi there, I was the person that sent you the twitter message about more info on a gotowebinar API. Is there a way to allow users to attend (not to register) a webinar via an API?

    My use case is this:

    Our site has a subscription model where users can purchase live training which we show via gotowebinar. The current site shows the GTW id and the user has to go to the GTW site and enter the id and their email address. The issue is that we would rather not show the id, because that can be passed around (e.g. via email, twitter, etc) and that would allow users that haven’t purchased the training to view the webinar.

    We would prefer that the id be masked via an API so the user only has to click a button and we would pass the ID and email via a POST to cut down on the unauthorized use of the id.


  2. My company does all of its marketing via email. We have been using gotowebinar for years now and due to a lack of API we had to come up with our own solution to this problem. Right now we have a landing page on our site that captures the data and then forwards/ submits it to the reg page. Works nicely and lets us track our leads a little better. If anyone wants to test it you can see our 2 current landing pages at and . After someone joins our program we have many of the same problems Royce has with the ability to pass the webinar id around to others that shouldn’t be able to attend all meetings. I wish when i call citrix to voice concerns I felt like they were being herd. I’ve been told for years an API was coming. Sounds like Duke Nukem Forever to me.

    BTW I really like this blog. Its nice to read some of the insidder info you post. Very much like the @comcastcares guy.

  3. We already use the URL building method to sign registrants up for our webinars. However, we are going to be hosting a webinar series, which will have several webinars. When a person signs up for the series, we want them to be automatically registered for all of the webinars in the series. Is this possible through either the form or URL submit options (For instance, having a hidden webinar id field for each webinar in the form or stringing together several webinar ids in the URL? Or would this be something that needs the API that does not yet exist?

  4. Using the API, we have completed an implementation where a webinar producer can use the event registration site and all of its benefits, such as social promotion, ticket sales and community engagement tools, knowing that all the registration details will be automatically passed directly to the GTW event they have created.

    We used to try doing this by hand, but it was extremely time consuming. Now it is automated and seems to be very reliable. Once a person registers, we can used the email notification systems of either GTW or the event registration site, which is

    For more info, you can contact me at

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