Leveraging Social Media as a Support Channel

Leveraging Social Media as a Support Channel

Update 1/14/2011

Well I for one really enjoyed yesterdays webinar, John shared a lot of useful information, some of which really hit home with my own efforts.  If you are interested in learning more about Social Media as a Support Channel, you can watch the On Demand webinar by clicking Register Now.


Social Media isn’t all about trying to convince your customers that you are interesting, a lot of people are simply looking for answers.  I will be taking part in this free webinar tomorrow where we will be discussing how Social Media can serve as a Support Channel.  Find out how easy it is to engage your customers and move them off Twitter and into a support session.

TSIA’s latest social media survey results are in, and the findings are surprising. Adoption of social service tools is up, customer interactions via social media channels are exploding, yet little progress has been made in integrating social service into the existing support infrastructure. Finally, ROI for social media projects remains elusive.

Join this webinar with John Ragsdale of TSIA as he shares these new research findings and discusses which social media channels were most adopted by technology companies over the last year. John will also detail the 2011 forecast for tech company deployment of microblogging, expert blogs, social media sites and online communities.


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