GoToMyPC iPad teaser.

GoToMyPC iPad teaser.

2/17/2011 Update: See it in action here.


As promised in the comments section of my previous GoToMyPC post, here are a couple of screen shots of the GoToMyPC iPad App in action.  I’d like to thank Karthik the Product Manager for GoToMyPC for sharing this with me.

The screen capture below shows the GoToMyPC iPad app connected to my PC. The full desktop fits inside the display along with the GoToMyPC toolbar floating on top. From here, I can open any application that is installed on my PC and work on it. I can also use the app to connect to Mac® host computers on my account as well.

Viewing the Host desktop.

Here’s a screen capture of me editing an Excel spreadsheet. I have zoomed into my desktop using the reverse pinch gesture. You can see we’ve added special keys like Alt, Ctrl, Tab, etc. so I can use my programs just as I would on the computer.”

Zoomed in editing

It still needs some work, and we are looking to release it to the App store in the first quarter of 2011. The iPhone version of the app will be ready soon after and an Android app later in the year. We’ll continue giving updates as we get closer to launching.

If you are a current GoToMyPC customer and would like more details or to share any thoughts you have about features, there is a forum post already.

I am personally looking forward to using the final version of the iPad App with GoToMyPC but it is the Android App that has me the most excited as I just got my hands on a Droid 2 yesterday 🙂

Happy Holidays!


9 thoughts on “GoToMyPC iPad teaser.

  1. Looks very promising. Please tell me the special keys will work well together with a keyboard attached via Bluetooth to the iPad? That would make the iPad almost like a laptop (except no mouse).

  2. with no mouse it’s important to drag things on the screen. will this be possible? how zooming in and out (pinch and reverse pinch)?

    1. Hi, you will be able to zoom in and out using the normal gestures, and dragging objects around is also possible. We are extremely close now, it’s a great first App and i know you’re going to like it.

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