Social Media & Customer Support – Intro

Social Media & Customer Support – Intro

If you have done any research at all regarding Social Media, you will have no doubt encountered some of the many Gurus and Wizards promising to share with you the secrets that only they know…. I make no such claim.  I am simply a guy who has worked in customer service for the last 7+ years in various roles, who now finds himself living and working in the Social Media Universe.

My goal with these posts is to share some of my experiences, opinions and questions and hopefully learn some of yours if you choose to leave a comment.

I would like to start with a few questions about you:

  1. Are you considering adding Social Media as a support channel, or have you already?
  2. Who will/do you have monitoring the various Social Media portals?
  3. How do your co-workers identify with Social Media; as PR, Customer Service or do they see the bigger picture?
  4. How has your experience been so far?

I look forward to learning about your experiences in customer service as well as getting your thoughts about mine.


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