Schedule GoToMeetings without an Email Client installed.

Schedule GoToMeetings without an Email Client installed.

Day after day, more and more people are moving their office into “the cloud”.  Services like Google Docs and Zoho Office combined with easier access to the Internet, are making it possible to have a virtual office which is not locked down to one computer.  Now if you happen to use GoToMeeting you will be familiar with it’s Email client integration and how easy it makes scheduling and event… but what if you don’t use Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird etc?

Well there’s actually a very simple GoToMeeting Preference change that you can make:

In Windows right click the GoToMeeting icon located in the system tray and select Preferences, if you use a Mac start GoToMeeting and access the Preferences from the Tool Bar.

Then select Integrations and uncheck the box next to Use GoToMeeting with and click OK

Now when you schedule your next GoToMeeting you will see this window containing your meeting details and the option to copy them to your clipboard.

From here you can paste your meeting info anywhere, for example a shared calendar on Google Docs, your Facebook page for easy sharing.


2 thoughts on “Schedule GoToMeetings without an Email Client installed.

  1. While that probably works well for occasional meetings and for people who are tech-savvy, I honestly don’t believe our office staff would got that route. For instance we are trying to make the switch from Outlook to Gmail and this is one of the hold-ups for the hold-outs. It’s just too convenient to have GotoMeeting pop it into your calendar for you. We need an App!

  2. Awesome thanks. Our whole office (50 users) uses Google Apps for business ( This works great, just create a calendar assignment, add your guests, and copy paste the GoToMeeting info into the description. Done!

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