Get an early look at GoToMyPC iPad App

Get an early look at GoToMyPC iPad App

Update: GoToMyPC iPad App screen shots released!

When Apple announced the iPad, one of the first applications I pictured for this device was using it for GoToMyPC.  Well the GoToMyPC developers have been working hard and now you have the opportunity to try the new GoToMyPC iPad App before anyone else.

If you live in the San Francisco area and are willing to spend an hour of your time trying out the new iPad App in house please take a moment to fill out this survey

Not only will you get the chance to try the new App before anyone else, you will also have the oppertunity to suggest any changes you feel it may need before the final release.

Oh, and there is an Amazon gift card in it for you as well.


33 thoughts on “Get an early look at GoToMyPC iPad App

    1. We plan to release an iPad App for GoToWebinar just as soon as we finish some other exciting improvements that we are currently working on. As soon as it is ready I will be letting everyone know about it here and on Twitter via @GoToWebinar and @GlennDCitrix. Thanks!

  1. Glenn,

    I’m dying with only Logmein access to my office PC from my iPad. I just renewed my 2 system GoToMyPC account based on the good news announced in your post. When will GoToMyPC from the iPad be available for current PC to PC subscribers. I completed your survey, but I’m not in the SF area; any chance a Florida based current user can Beta test the new iPad software?
    Help! (and send me some goood news about your iPad release date)

    1. Hi Vincent, Apple’s App system doesn’t really make it possible to do a normal open beta I’m afraid. Basically you have to register the iPad to our developers iTunes account to test the App which makes it difficult to include customers. The good news is the App is about 75% there, we are holding the usability testing so that we can make sure we haven’t missed anything. I am hoping to get some video of it in action so I can post it here and give everyone an early look.

    1. We do have plans for an Android App as well but we are focusing on the iPad and iPhone currently. As soon as I have information about an Android App I will post it here as well as the GoToMyPC User Forums and @GoToMyPC Twitter account.

      1. Are there any update on an Android App for GoToMyPC now? I don’t plan to switch to GoToMyPC until they have an app for Android. Thanks!

  2. Glenn,

    I just bought an iPad on Black Friday, and assumed that a GoToMyPC app was completed. Silly me. If the app is not available, I will simply return the iPad (still unopened).

    I know of 3 others who bought them for this purpose in the past week, and if they can’t use it to connect at home with GTMPC, they’ll dump their iPads as well.

    So please get this darn app done ASAP. I, too, am willing to pay for this app.

    Note: I have a netbook I bought on Black Friday that cost $150 USD that runs the GTMPC client just fine.

    1. There’s no need to dump your iPads, our team is doing everything it can to get the App finished as soon as possible. We are holding some usability tests to get some final feedback from GoToMyPC customers before we put the finishing touches on it.

    2. Thank you for all your responses to this posting. After waiting a month, we’ve decided to return our iPads. They were unopened anyway. No App = No need for iPad.

      Overpromising and underdelivering is a sure way to lose customers.

      I’m sure there is someone who is working on this iPad app, but clearly it is a low priority.

      In addition to returning our iPads (sorry Apple), my company and 3 of our clients have canceled our GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar accounts as well.

      We’ve kept our GoToMyPC accounts for now, but are evaluating other options.

      Rumors that iPhones are coming on Verizon, iPads with 4G and 2 cameras, etc, are all just rumors. Until you can go into a store or online and buy something, it is just speculation.

      If you ship a GTMPC client for iPad someday, please post a reply to this comment. If the app ships next week, I won’t buy it as I don’t have an iPad anymore. However, that is not to say that I won’t buy a iPad 2G when it ships in July or whenever it may ship.

    1. I’ve had a play with an early version and it was looking pretty cool, can’t wait for the finished version. Since we can’t do a normal beta as it’s an App you have to get through the Apple Store, most won’t see it until it’s actually finished and released. If I can get any pictures etc before release I’ll post them here.

  3. Is there a list that any of us can add ourselves to so I can get notified of the launch date. I have been watching since July for this app

    1. As soon as a launch date is confirmed we will be announcing the iPad App via @GoToMyPC on Twitter, the GoToMyPC Facebook page and customer forums. Existing customers can expect an Email letting them know the App is available and I expect it to be posted on the main website.

  4. Glenn,

    The promised GoToMyPC application for the iPad is starting to sound like a very tired story we’ve been listening to since July. Surely someone at Citrix has a date in mind. Otherwise, I’m inclined to agree with DaveLev about Citrix’ commitment to the project and stay with the Logmein product.

    How about a commitment?


  5. I appreciate that many of you have been waiting for this App for a while now but it is simply not my place to publish a release date. There is no issue with commitment, the GoToMyPC team are working hard to put the finishing touches on the App and within the next day or two they will be publishing a screen grab or two of it running on an iPad.

  6. I would rather have it delayed and functional than early and useless

    That being said – the sooner the better as I find it very useful on my desktop and the iPad app will be VERY useful

  7. I’m looking forward to GoToMyPC for the iPad. I’m happy to wait until it’s tested and ready. Thanks for your updates.

    1. Unfortunately we are not going to be able to have beta testers with any iPad/iPhone Apps, the App Store doesn’t allow for it. We are opening it up to Citrix Online employees to do last minute testing, so that’s a lot of geeks that are going to be trying to break this App and find any last minute issues 😉

  8. Waiting patiently for gotomypc for ipad! In the meantime, thanks Glennd, I trust that Citrix is working hard and I’m still loving my iPad. To the people who returned theirs: how about the iCade player that’s coming soon? We can play Asteroids while we wait! What more is there? Ah, life is good.

    1. We’re getting pretty close, lots of last minute details and Apple decides the date it will show up in the App Store. Stay tuned, I’ll post the date as soon as it’s 100% agreed upon.

  9. Thank You

    Just gave GoToMyPC for the iPad a shake down ride and my first impression is positive. There are a few needed fixes (posted on the Apple App Store page) and an iPad versus PC version user manual would be welcomed.

    1. Thanks! This is version 1 of the App so we’re already working on improvements. The FAQs will be posted tomorrow but you can find them now in the GoToMyPC customer forums, in the Feature Discussion area.

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