Use Entourage or Thunderbird with GoToMeeting on a Mac

Use Entourage or Thunderbird with GoToMeeting on a Mac

Just as Windows comes with Outlook installed Macs come with their own default Email application called Mail, and if you use GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar on a Mac they will open Mail by default when scheduling.  If Mail is not your application of choice and you prefer to use Entourage or Thunderbird, follow these steps to banish that pesky Mail!

If you have never set up Mail on your Mac you will need to do this first as you cannot access the Preferences other wise.  Don’t worry it only takes a moment to set up a fake account, just follow the sets in these pictures and ignore any error messages you see.

Now that you have a Mail account created, you will be able to access the Preferences and then change the Default Email Reader to the application of your choice.


3 thoughts on “Use Entourage or Thunderbird with GoToMeeting on a Mac

  1. Thanks. The problem I am having is with the “Add to Outlook” function in the following scenario:
    Schedule a recurring weekly webinar that is edited (using the Edit Date/Time) feauture to remove select meetings (i.e. meetings that are cancelled on holidays). Doing this seems to trigger a glitch when creating the .ics file. Thus, the user is not able to “Add to Calendar” after registration due to corrupt link.

    The help desk was unable to help me. I WAS able to get this to work correctly in GoToTraining but I need it for GoToWebinar. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi,

    This is a known issue but I do not currently have an ETA for when it will be fixed. In the mean time what you can do is either; save the .ics file to your desktop and import it or in Outlook specifically, drag the Email over to the Calendar button.


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