Share your desktop using GoToAssist Express

Share your desktop using GoToAssist Express

GoToAssist Express is a service you would typically use to provide technical support for customers or even just your family, in regular use you would connect to the other persons computer, view their screen and share control of their keyboard and mouse.   But there is a feature in GoToAssist Express that also allows you to show your screen to those computers you are connected to, and by using this reverse screen sharing feature you can share your desktop with up to 8 computers at the same time.

1. Launch your GoToAssist Express Expert software and start connecting to PCs using Attended Sessions, Unattended Sessions or a mix of both.

2. Once you are connected click on each session window one after the other and select Share My Screen from the Screen Sharing menu.

3. You will also have the option to give both keyboard and mouse control, which you can decide on a case by case basis.

Once you have finished all of your clients will be able to view your screen and control your keyboard and mouse. Instant collaboration!

This ability is currently limited to Windows users however with Multiple Sessions and  Unattended Support just around the corner for Mac users, pretty soon any GoToAssist Express user will be able to do this. Of course if you really want to collaborate you should be using GoToMeeting


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