GoToMyPC and Linux ~ Now even easier!

GoToMyPC and Linux ~ Now even easier!

I had my first experience with Linux back in 2005 after picking up a PC magazine that included an Ubuntu live CD on the cover.  Since then I have tried many Linux distributions but Ubuntu has always drawn me back, in fact I’ve even switched my Mother in law and Aunt from Windows to Ubuntu because it is so easy to use.

Now to get to the point of this post!

Although GoToMyPC does not yet have a native viewer for Linux, it has always had the Java based Universal Viewer.  This viewer runs inside the web browser itself, so it can be used not only on Linux PCs and Macs but in situations where the computer is locked down and does not allow the down load of the native Windows and Mac GoToMyPC Viewers.  In order to use the Universal Viewer in Ubuntu you only need to make sure you have installed Java and enabled it in Firefox.

You can do this by clicking Applications and selecting the Software Center.

Ubuntu Applications Menu

Once the Software Center opens enter Java in the search field, then select and install; OpenjDK Java 6 Runtime and Icedtea Java Plugin.

Ubuntu Software Center

Launch Firefox, login to your GoToMyPC account and click Connect.  (You may need tell Firefox to Allow all pop-ups for and reload the page the first time.)

Now for the more adventurous Linux users out there (aren’t we all),  you can actually run the native Windows GoToMyPC Viewer on Linux if you install WINE.  I’m not going to go into an long explanation of what WINE is and how it works (check out their website), basically it allows you to run a wide selection of native Windows applications on Linux.

You can install WINE through Ubuntu’s Software Center just like you did Java, once you have done this launch the Linux native version of Firefox and install the User Agent Switcher extension.   This Firefox extension allows you to trick websites into thinking you are running a different operating system than you really are, in this case you would select Windows XP. Login to your GoToMyPC account and click Connect, you will be asked to download gotomypc-start.exe, click Save File.  Once the gotomypc-start.exe file has finished downloading you can open it either from the Firefox Download Manager dialog box or from your Ubuntu Downloads directory.  It should open via WINE automatically and once it connects to your Host you can enter your Access Code.  Not everything works as it would on a Windows PC but do get full 24 bit color, scale to fit, file transfer, and if you configure audio in WINE, you can even stream audio from your Host PC (Mac Host currently do not support file transfer or streaming audio).

I personally recommend using the WINE method as it gives you the features you want most and is pretty painless to set up these days.  If you have any questions or feedback to share please leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter.


11 thoughts on “GoToMyPC and Linux ~ Now even easier!

  1. Yes, this was great information! BTW, user agent switcher just changes the browser info i.e. Internet Explorer… oh, and Wine rocks!

  2. hi, I tried the wine method and it works as far as launching the viewer and connecting. However I have 2 screens on my Ubuntu desktop and the gotomypc viewer when using wine seems to be missing the options on the title bar to view full screen, actual size, scale to fit etc. The only buttons I get are the ones on the right side such as ctrl+alt+del and audio. If I try to resize the viewer to fit both screens it messes up as I need the option to select actual size before I do this and it’s missing. Any ideas? hints and tips or is this the best the viewer can do through wine?


  3. We have a IBM server at the office running a Linux OS (Informix file management system). It does not have internet accessiblity. Now I access this IBM with dial up modem. Is there equipment I must install on the IBM to make it accessible for multiple users over the internet? Is GoToMyPC the best option for me?


  4. Are you using any special settings for Wine and GoToMyPC? I’m running Ubuntu 10.04 and when I use your method to run the gotomypc-start.exe, I just get this error:
    fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x33f528,0x00000000), stub!
    In my process list, g2viewer.exe is listed as a Zombie.

    1. Hi, I’m not using any special settings in WINE but I’ll take another look at my set up for you and see if there is anything I may have missed mentioning in my guide. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Hi Glenn,

    Thanks so much for your ‘how to’ guide. The universal viewer rarely loads for me so running the native Windows GoToMyPC Viewer under wine is a life saver. However I find that I have to login and download a fresh copy of gotomypc-start.exe every time I connect, otherwise it aborts the connection process with the message ‘You have been disconnected from “Remote computer”.’

    I am using ubuntu 10.10. I ditched OpenjDK java in the process of trying to get gotomypc working and am now using ‘real’ java 6 (update 24).

    Is this normal behavior? If not, do you have any suggestions? And like Steve I find that the native viewer is bereft of options and features when run under wine – is that also normal?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Rob, the GoToMyPC Viewers are temporary files so you do need to download a new one each time you want to connect, this is by design for security and so that you can use any computer to access your Host. If you can, try and set your web browser to automatically open the GoToMyPC Viewer download with WINE by default. Thanks for your comments!

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