GoToMyPC helps recover stolen computers.

GoToMyPC helps recover stolen computers.

GoToMyPC has been around for a number of years and is pretty well known to those of us who have ever had need for a remote access solution.  If you have ever used the service you will be pretty familiar with the obvious features and benefits; file transfer, remote printing, streaming audio, not to mention the fact that you can work on your remote computer just as if you were sitting at it.

There is one feature of the GoToMyPC service though, that is only known to a small group of users, it can help you recover your Host computer if it’s stolen.

GoToMyPC works by sending a small signal from your remote or Host computer to a server, it does this once every 10 seconds or so.  This signal checks to see if you are wanting to connect to the Host computer, it also tells the server where the Host computer is.  What this means is that as long as your Host computer is on, connected to the Internet and the GoToMyPC software is installed and running, the GoToMyPC servers are constantly being updated with the Hosts IP address.

Now imagine the worst, someone has broken into your office or home and walked off with your Host computer… The computer itself can be replaced but what about all of the work stored on it?

Due to the way GoToMyPC works it has served a number of customers over the years as a kind of “Computer LoJack”. By watching their GoToMyPC  accounts to see if their stolen Host computer has come online and then calling our toll free support number when it has, we have been able to reunite many customers with their stolen property.  We do this by looking up the last/current recorded IP address for their Host and then use it to identify the ISP via one of the many free IP look up websites. Our customer can then contact Law Enforcement who contact the ISP and request their customers information.

Over the last 8 years I’ve had the pleasure to help reunite a number of our customers with their stolen computers, and although I wouldn’t wish this to happen to anyone, it’s a handy trick to know.

You can call Global Customer Support for GoToMyPC toll free, 24/7


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