Transmit audio from your computer during your GoToMeeting

Transmit audio from your computer during your GoToMeeting

In this How To guide I will explain how you can use the Integrated Audio feature of GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, to transmit the audio from your computer to your Attendees. These methods can also be used in conjunction with this guide to playing back video embedded in a PowerPoint or stand alone.

The first method is the Software Option:

•    Please note that when you use this method you will not be able to use your microphone, you will need to join the conference call via a land line.

1. Double click on the volume icon in the system tray

2. Go to Options –> Properties

3. Under “Adjust Volume For” choose “Recording”

4. Make sure “Stereo Mix” is checked

5. Press OK

6. On the new screen, place the checkbox for “Select” under “Stereo Mix”

You are now ready to play back your audio.

The second method is the Hardware Option:

•    With this method you can use your microphone and play audio at the same.

Parts needed:     Two (2) 3.5mm audio splitters (one male, two female)

One (1) 3.5mm audio patch cable (two male ends, typically 3” long)

1. Plug one splitter into your LINE OUT port (for speakers, typically colored green)

2. Plug the other splitter into your MICROPHONE port (typically pink)

3. Plug the patch cable into the splitter on LINE OUT and then into the splitter on MICROPHONE.

4. Plug your MICROPHONE into the microphone splitter,  and then plug your SPEAKERS into the line out splitter.

Being a believer and occasional victim of Murphy’s law, I strongly recommend that you hold a practice session before you attempt this with a live audience.


25 thoughts on “Transmit audio from your computer during your GoToMeeting

  1. Wouldn’t be better if GotoMeeting/webinar have this option integrated directly? I think such set of professional application are missing such basic features which are very usefull now with all these interactive presentations 🙂
    Another solution is to use two computers with one with the trick of the audio in and out connected through a jack or through the audio driver.

    1. Hi,

      The ability to record what you hear is actually tied to the audio chip set/card that comes in your computer, traditionally it was only available in higher end audio cards. In Windows if you open the Control Panel and check your Audio hardware properties you maybe able to enable this feature, then in GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar you would select Stereo Mix instead of Mic

      1. I’ll check that, thanks for your answer. BTW, on my Mac, I can record my screen with Screenflow and it have the option to record the microphone and/or the computer sound.

        But for PC, I understand, I’ll check it!


  2. Contrary to my first posting, here’s what really happened when I tried hardware methods.

    The technique as described above doesn’t work with my hardware. However, I can patch my computer’s mike input to its speaker output (i.e. no splitters, headset, or mike) and that works. Obviously, this doesn’t permit speaking over the streaming sound. I don’t know why adding the splitter cables and headset/mike prevented this from working; it seems that it should have worked. Apparently, some circuitry in the headset/speaker unit interfered with the configuration.

    The simplest method, however, is to hold the mike next to the speaker and turn the volume up. This “audio coupling” works fine with my headset.

  3. Hi Stephen,

    You can use the VoIP option for the audio on your computer and then dial in to the conference call from your telephone in order to speak. The trick is to mute the audio on your computer while you are talking and then unmute when you want to play the audio. Test it out first to make sure there is no feedback loop but it should work as you need it to.

    Thanks for you comments.

    1. If I’m hosting on a Mac, using VoIP and mic/headphones, is there a way to also play audio from my computer? I guess not, given what you’re saying here. What would be cool is if you could upload a short clip (say 30 seconds of intro music) to the site, and it would automatically play when you “start broadcast.” Would that be possible as a feature?

      I’ve just been using the service for a few weeks so far, but am really liking it overall.

  4. Hi Glenn:

    Thanks for the directions.

    I’ve used the line in/lin out function to stream video will so-so results. I would probably not do this again, but would the same procedure work and still allow me to record for audio. As per:

    -You need two computers side by side.
    -Presenter logs in using the telephone or mic on one computer. The entire purpose of the log in on this machine is for her to be able to use it for her voice.
    -The other computer would be logged in as “Presenter II” through a separate invitation for that machine. That machine would be used to transmit the sound from the PPT. Presenter would show the slides on this machine.

    -On the Presenter II machine, connect one end of a 3.5mm audio patch cable (two male ends, typically 3” long) into the headset jack and the other into the mic jack. (So the sound from the PPT is going out the headset line and into the mic line.)

    -At that point I don’t know how to modify the sound card settings….

    Would this work? Any advice?

  5. Hi Glenn,

    Greetings from down under. I am less skilled in PC skills than an average joe. I would like to play some mp3 file or wav files containing voice interviews of several online banking experts during the webinar. May I ask how can this be done in a less complicated way? Can I simply play the audio using a second laptop and broadcast into the microphone of the first PC hosting the webinar?

    Looking forward to your advice.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      Holding you microphone up to a speaker will work but I would strongly recommend testing it a couple of times with someone else listening so that you can set the volume and find the right distance between the mic and speaker.

  6. Hi Glenn,

    If I am to play audio files straight from the PC hosting webinar using integrated voice option (VOIP + Phone), I need to try either the software option or hardware option.

    “Double click on the volume icon in the system tray” refers to volume control under control panel or is it a GoToWebinar setting?


  7. I know this is an old thread, but only one person asked if you could do this on a Mac (i.e. play a video containing audio on your computer and have your audience hear that audio, without holding the phone up to your computer speakers), and I have not seen an answer anywhere.

    1. Hi Bryan, on a Mac it may be possible to use an App called Soundflower to transmit the audio back into GoToMeeting’s VoIP. I have not tried this myself yet, but I will post a guide once I have, if it is successful.

      1. I appreciate your looking into it. I would be interested in passing audio from Quicktime, Keynote, and/or VLC (only one at a time) to GoToWebinar, and I’m running Mavericks. Let me know what you find.


      2. Any luck with passing audio via Soundflower to GoToMeeting? I want to try this on a webinar I have tomorrow. If I dont hear from you by the end of the day I will do a test run and let you know if it works.

      3. Hi Bryan,

        I was finally able to test the Soundflower app and it does work, you will find it here: Once it downloads right click the install package and select Open (you may need to do this twice), install and reboot. In System Prefs select Soundflower 2ch for audio in and out, then in GoToMeeting select it for your Mic input. Any audio played on your Mac should be heard by your attendees. You can either switch back and forth in between your regular mic and sound flower in GoToMeeting, or dial in to the GoToMeeting via telephone to talk. I only did a quick test so be sure to do some trial runs yourself.

      4. Hey Glenn,

        It worked perfectly. The only caveat is that as far as I can tell, you cant use the same account to both talk and play the audio coming from the computer, simultaneously. This was pretty easily circumvented though by simply registering with another email address (on another computer) and calling in. This way I was able to play video (and its audio) through the computer, and narrate it via the phone. Success.

        Just by the way, the reason I want this functionality is that I give many similar webinars. So instead of doing it all from scratch every time, I have recorded several segments on different topics. Different audiences want the focus on different topics, so I can play whichever segment is relevant, but also be there to answer questions real-time.

        Thanks for the Soundflower suggestion.


  8. Hi Glenn-

    I wonder if there is a better hardware update using some sort of digital mixer hardware that would pick up audio from a power point to be broadcasted in Go To Webinar? The patch cord method seems to me to be converting digital to analog then back to digital audio for eventual broadcasting to the audience.
    Would some sort of 2 channel digital mixer work where one could take the USB audio output from the power point into a digital input on a mixer then plug in a mic into the second channel input at the mixer, mixing and then returning both channels into a USB input for broadcast? If so, do you have specific equipment recommendations?

    We do produce a number of webinars and provide them as both live events and recorded archives. Showing embedded video clips with audio or just playing embedded audio clips within powerpoint and getting it broadcasted inside Go To Webinar is highly desirable for our purposes. Our session presenters are typically operate a remote computer through screen sharing options inside GoToMeeting and use either VOIP audio or phone in audio for their live talks. Thanks in advance.

    Big Dave

    1. Hi Dave,

      Using a mixer to manage and balance your audio sources would definitely be an improvement on the very basic work around I’ve posted here. I have tested any myself, but I will ask around and see what I can find out for you.

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