Edit and re-encode your recording with this single free application.

Edit and re-encode your recording with this single free application.

Update 2/22/2013

If you are having trouble with this method, it may be due to GoToMeeting v5.4  Please see this recent post for the solution: https://glenndcitrix.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/using-microsoft-expression-encoder-with-gotomeeting-v5-4/


In a previous post I explained how to convert your GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining recording into another format using Windows Media Encoder, in this post we will look at Microsoft’s Expression Encoder 4 which also allows you to edit your recording.

The first step is to download and install Expression Encoder 4, then import your recording and make any edits you need before finally encoding.

To make edits move  the colored playhead to the desired start point, right click the playhead and select Add Edit, move the playhead to the desired endpoint and do the same. Then to delete the unwanted part of the recording right click between the edit points and select Remove Clip, it’s that easy! Once you have finished editing your recording you can move on to step 2 below.

Re-encode your recording and remove the GoToMeeting codec:

  1. From the File menu, select Import and navigate to your recording.
  2. Locate the Encode tab on the right-side of your screen and expand the Video and Audio panes.
  3. Configure the settings as needed but we recommend setting Video Aspect Ratio to Source.
  4. Select the Output tab and choose a location for the saved file.
  5. Choose Encode from the File menu.

Processing time will depend on length of recording, output settings and your system hardware.

The free version of Expression Encoder allows you to encode the recording in the WMV format, removing the GoToMeeting codec. If you wish to encode your recording to another format like MP4 you can upgrade to the full version for around $50.00, or use another free tool like Any Video Converter or FreeMake


28 thoughts on “Edit and re-encode your recording with this single free application.

  1. You’re welcome. The GoToMeeting recording feature will be getting an overhaul soon so that this work around will no longer be needed and it will be much easier to share your recordings.

  2. Great article, thanks so much. We recorded a webinar and went to edit to trim some items out using my Mac. What a nightmare. After downloading about four or five different conversion apps I was starting to give up hope but following this process while running Windows via VMware did the trick. Thanks for such a helpful article.

    And I’ll look forward to it being easier to share our recordings in the future too. 😉

  3. I followed your suggestions here, but it doesn’t work. When I open Expression Encoder (tried it with both versions 3 and 4), the import fails with “Error: cannot find video codec G2M3”. I have downloaded and installed the G2M3 codec using the link provided. I even uninstalled the GotoMeeting program rebooted and reinstalled the codec. G2M thinks the codec is installed, but Expression Encoder cannot find it. Any ideas?

  4. Glenn, thanks so much for this. It worked perfectly, though I did I have to select ‘source’ for the size mode of the video, too.

    You should let the Citrix Online Global Customer Support folks know about it. I submitted a request for help (I use Camtasia Studio) and they suggested:

    “What you’ll need to do is remove the gotomeeting codec that was installed as part of the recording. You can do this by importing the file into camtasia, and filtering out the codec by having the output as plain WMV file. You can then edit the meeting you recorded.”

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Camtasia tries to produce/output the file but gets 2% of the way there and then freezes/hangs.

    Any idea when the overhaul will be completed?

  5. Hi Glenn,
    We’re about to run 60 or more usability test participants on Gotomeeting in the next few months. We switched to using GTM when UserVue went offline. This recording issue and subsequent re-encoding to use with Camtasia has been a real problem for us. Even using Expression Encoder hasn’t been perfect – the audio has ended up corrupted and it takes so dang long. Hearing that Citrix is revising the formats is GREAT NEWS! Please do make sure that GTM subscribers are notified when this change happens – would hate to be going through this hassle when it’s no longer required!
    – Did you notice GTM got a shout-out from Steve Krug for usability testing in his new book Rocket Surgery Made Easy? Chapter 14 is all about his love for it, but he DIDN”T provide the Encoder settings he uses. I wrote to him to ask but no reply sadly.

  6. Sorry the non-standard web format for video is a no buy for me… I have used too many hours trying to convert a recorded webinar to a format that I can use in my Camtasia Studio (and publish to web).

  7. Thank you so much! This finally ensured that I now can actually broadcast my Go To Webinar recordings on Vimeo without too much problems. I had been looking for a while for a solution, and was actually thinking about quitting Go To Webinar due to the ongoing problems with their encoding. Thanks!

  8. Glenn, thank you for this helpful tutorial.

    It’s amazing that no other encoder we tried worked to re-encode our G2M4 codec WMV file!

  9. I hate GoToMeeting’s strange media codec but I greatly appreciate this information to cope with it! My sanity has been saved! This worked exactly as you explained it.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to figure this out and share the information. Invaluable information!

  10. I am trying toencode my file right now and I have already tried it once and it errored our when I was in the encoding stage? Any thoughts on why it does work?

      1. yes I downloaded that and I can view the recording on Windows Media Player but I need to convert the videos to an MOV and an FLV and I can not with the codec on there

  11. Thank you so very much for posting this. I usually remember to change the GTM settings, but forgot today for a very important client video. The video was 90 minutes, but it took me about 2 hours to figure all this out – never would have gotten there with this article. Thank you again.

  12. LIFE-SAVER. Our software vendor gave me a dozen files to use for training and we just discovered that they had this G2M4 codec. Our company doesn’t let codecs be installed by employees, which rendered the training videos useless (worse, we were going to use them on a live training sesssion, I’m just glad I discovered it before having to stand in front of 100 people with a video that didn’t work). This process worked perfect (I then used Handbrake to convert to MP4 to make double sure that we would have useable copies).

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