Integrate GoToMeeting with your Email client of choice – Part 1

Integrate GoToMeeting with your Email client of choice – Part 1

As it turns out, not everyone in the World uses Outlook or Lotus Notes as their email client.  This being the case I thought it would be handy to write up a guide explaining how to integrate GoToMeeting with other email clients, including GMail.

First we need to access the GoToMeeting Preferences, on a PC simply right click the GoToMeeting icon and select Preferences from the menu. Now select Integrations from the Category menu.

As you can see from the image above, if you use Outlook or Lotus Notes GoToMeeting will detect it and automatically integrate, you can also add GoToMeeting to your Microsoft Office suite and Instant Messenger client. If you have another email client such as Thunderbird select the My default email application option.

On a Mac click GoToMeeting on the Tool Bar and select Preferences. Currently the Windows version of GoToMeeting has a lot more options to play with but as the Mac version is developed further this will change.

If you use a Mac the only option currently is to Use GoToMeeting with the default email application, which is Mail by default. If you have never set up Mail you will have go through the motions of creating an account in order to get to the Preferences and select your email client of choice. Unfortunately there is no way around this but at least you don’t have to enter real information, just open Applications > Mail and follow these steps (ignore any error messages):

Now that your fake account has been created you can select Preferences from the Tool Bar and change the default email client from Mail to Thunderbird etc

In Part 2 I will show you how to set up GoToMeeting to use GMail.


2 thoughts on “Integrate GoToMeeting with your Email client of choice – Part 1

    1. Hi Jim,

      I would suggest opening Outlook, clicking Tools, then Trust Center and Add-ins. Then at the bottom where it says Manage: COM Add-ins click GO. Select GoToMeeting Outlook COM Addin from the list and then click Remove. Close Outlook, then launch GoToMeeting and open the Preferences > Integration, de-select and re-select Use GoToMeeting with, and again select My default Email application. Click OK

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