Recording GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining sessions on your Mac

Recording GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining sessions on your Mac

Update 9/7/2011

The release of a free new Mac App called Screeny now makes it even easier to record on you Mac.  Screeny gives you the ability to record part or all of your screen, plus automatic uploading of the QuickTime file when you finish.  It will record the audio from your Mic but depending on your Mac hardware you may still need to use a loop back cable to route the speaker audio to your Mic input, as detailed below.


What you need:
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
A male to male loopback cable (It’s that 1/8 inch stereo cable with the jack on both ends)

Before you start:
+ This workaround allows you to record from any participant’s computer,
+ You do not need to be an organizer This will capture both the video and audio of a meeting/webinar and it should be in sync
+ Recorded files are in QuickTime format instead of Windows Media Player format
– Setup requires a loopback cable
– This does not hide the participant’s control panel. It’s a good idea to minimize it to the dock, if at all possible or move it to a 2nd monitor if you have more than one on your Mac.

It’s possible to record meetings and webinars on a Mac and get both the video and the audio to capture. Snow Leopard has a free program bundled with the operating system called QuickTime X. QuickTime X offers screen and audio capture. Here’s what you do:

  • First plug in your loopback cable. Make sure that your Mac has a separate audio input jack (sorry 13 inch Macbook Pro)
  • Open up your system preferences and select sound, in the sound preferences select the input tab and select the Line In, Built-in input
  • Make sure that your setup is working okay by playing some recorded audio (a YouTube video, iTunes, etc.) If the loopback is picking up, you’ll see a blue bar go across.
  • Now open up GoToMeeting and do a quick meet now.
  • Select to use mic and speakers, click on the microphone icon and select “Built-in input”, click on the speaker icon and select “Built-in Output”
  • Play some audio on your computer and see if the input bar lights up. If it does, great, if not, you might need to quit and relaunch GoToMeeting for it to pick up. Once it does, you should be ready.
  • Open up QuickTime Player in the applications folder, select File and select “New Screen Recording”
  • When you’re ready start recording. Also you can specify the recording quality and the file destination Click on the white arrow that’s pointing down Below where it says “Microphone”, select Built-In Input Line-in
  • Now once you’re in the meeting, select to use the Mic and Speakers and start recording with Quicktime. If you plan to record from the organizer’s computer, get the dial in number for the conference call before switching to the Mic and Speakers.Regardless of your role in a meeting/webinar you can hear all unmuted attendees and since the loopback cable captures this input, it will record everyone who speaks just like our own recording service does.You should now have a half decent recording of a meeting that’s roughly comparable to what you get using our service on a PC.

11 thoughts on “Recording GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining sessions on your Mac

  1. Thanks for this post. I’ll have to give it a try. Will this work on a new iMac?

    Is this better than running Windows 7 via bootcamp?

    Thanks again,

    1. It should work on any Mac running 10.6 although I’m unfamiliar with the iMac hardware, so it will depend on your ability to patch the audio out into the audio in. If you have Windows 7 running without issue via bootcamp and you do not need to host from your Mac specifically, I would use the recording feature via Windows 7 for now.

    1. I recorded the audio only as follows: hooked up a Blue brand USB mic to the computer. In the headphone jack on the mic, I plugged in a splitter, male to female. Then, in one side I plugged in the headphones; in the other I connected (using a male-to-male cord) an Olympus brand digital recorder. So long as input and output is set to the USB mic, this works great.

  2. I want to record a meeting with Camtasia-Mac. I think I connect a loopback cable then get audio nto the meeting using my phone.

    The audio coming into GTM from my phone would play on my Mac thru the loop back line if the System Prefs were set to Sound-Input = Line In and Sound Output = Internal Speakers AND Camtasia Recording setup Mic = Built-In Input and Output = System Audio.

    So this is my theory. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I will pick up a loopback cable when the rain stops.

    1. Hi Peter, once GoToMeeting is installed on your Mac simply launch it from the icon on your desktop or dock (if you moved it there), a window will pop up with the option to start a meeting or schedule one.


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