How to convert a GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining formated recording to something else.

How to convert a GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining formated recording to something else.

NEW: 3 Ways to remove the GoToMeeting Codec

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If you have already recorded your Webinar using the GoToWebinar software and codec you will need to convert the file to a normal Windows Media file by following the directions in Step 1, otherwise set your GoToWebinar Preferences to Convert to Windows Media Player file by right clicking the G2W icon located in your PC’s System Tray (near the time), and select Preferences > Recording. Once your Webinar has ended the recording will automatically start converting to a regular Windows Media Player file, once this conversion is finished follow Step 2.

Step 1  (Updated 10/15/2010)

The first step is to download and install Expression Encoder 4, then import your recording and make any edits you need before finally encoding.

To make edits move  the colored playhead to the desired start point, right click the playhead and select Add Edit, move the playhead to the desired endpoint and do the same. Then to delete the unwanted part of the recording right click between the edit points and select Remove Clip, it’s that easy! Once you have finished editing your recording you can move on to step 2 below.

Re-encode your recording and remove the GoToMeeting codec:

  1. From the File menu, select Import and navigate to your recording.
  2. Locate the Encode tab on the right-side of your screen and expand the Video and Audio panes.
  3. Configure the settings as needed but we recommend setting Video Aspect Ratio to Source.
  4. Select the Output tab and choose a location for the saved file.
  5. Choose Encode from the File menu.

Processing time will depend on length of recording, output settings and your system hardware.

The free version of Expression Encoder allows you to encode the recording in the WMV format, removing the GoToMeeting codec. If you wish to encode your recording to another format like MP4 you can upgrade to the full version for around $50.00, or continue to Step 2 and use another free tool Any Video Converter or FreeMake

Step 2
Use the free software Any Video Converter to Convert the file into Flash

1. Go to…4-10661456.html
2. Launch the any Video Converter
3. Click on “Add Video” and select the file that you’ve ecnoded with Windows Media Encoder
4. Click on profile at the right and select Flsh Video Move flv
5. At the right, scroll down to where it says “Video Bitrate” this is the video quality, you’ll want something greater than1000
6. Where it says Video size, select “Original”
7. Click on the Convert Button


61 thoughts on “How to convert a GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining formated recording to something else.

      1. Any update on the plan to overhaul the recording and need for codec, as well as adding recording for Mac? We recently started using G2W and these are the ONLY two things we find most frustrating – that and recording happening through PCs and not on the server.

      2. I’m very interested in an update on Mac functionality as well. Not only for initiating and recording meetings/webinars from a Mac, but also the playback of recorded sessions. It’s still not very functional or user friendly for Mac users across the board. We have a growing audience of Mac users and are doing our best to serve them well, but are concerned that we’ll need to abandon GoTo products as a result.

      3. Hi, a complete over haul of the recording feature is something we have been talking about for a while now and is planned. We are working on a lot of improvements, many on the back end that go unseen but will result in improvements across the board. Ultimately it comes down to how things are prioritized and when it makes the most sense to address them. Right now I do not have an ETA for when the current recording feature in Windows will be updated to remove the need for the codec, but as soon as I do I’ll be sure to announce it.


    1. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, it looks like Microsoft have removed their Media Encoder application, most likely because of their newer Expression Encoder. You can follow my other guide located here and use the Expression Encoder to remove the GoToMeeting Codec, then follow Step 2 of this guide to change the format using AnyVideoConverter.

  1. Nice article it really helped. I just signed up for G2W and am dissapointed in the video output, it causes me a lot of extra messing around, when I want to enable it as an mp4 or flv for the web.

    Good luck with your revamp of the recording output, can I request mp4 output please 🙂

  2. Yes it works. That makes me happy, though it doesnt make me forget that Citrix threw something on the market that cost me so many useless days.

  3. Hi there! I was excited for the info, but I can’t seem to get the video quality I need for GVideo upload (biz acct). We record GTM for sales training and would LOVE to have them on GVideo as the files are really big (too big) for YouTube and not as secure there. I’ve tweaked and tweaked the settings….any insights on this? Audio is fine and video comes out, but REALLY grainy and you can’t see what’s going on. Trying a GTW upload now, hoping it works better. Anyone out there can help? Thank you! 🙂

      1. Thanks, GlennD, I’ll try that next time. The GTW upload did no better than GTM uploads, unfortunately. If I change my settings on recording screen, think I need to still tweak settings on conversion?

  4. Most excellent post!!! Thank you for saving me from pulling my hair out over the ooooodles of G2W recordings I have to convert/upload!

  5. Hi Glenn, All I’m getting is the status/error “Cannot find video codec G2MS” when I try to import the file. Looks like it doesn’t recognize the go to webinar coding after all? Any thoughts?

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  7. I feel like I am being haunted! No matter what I try, the file I end up with is still a G2M4 file. My files are typically an hour long. Expression Encoder says it’s successful, but the file I find is still the same name, same length, same last modified date… Do you offer phone or webconferencing support?

  8. When I Import a pre-recorded gotomeeting webinar (wmv) file, it first asks to index and when i select yes, it raises an error “unable to create file”

    I have to upload training sessions to our support portal.

    Any suggestions please.



  9. I’ve been through this process once already but can’t figure out where the encoded file went – so running again. What do I do when the encoding is complete? Assumed it would save a new Non-GTM encoded .wmv file to the directory named in output, but it didn’t. A search of my c:drive came up empty… ‘save as’ only allowed me to save the job – a useless 50k file… Help!

    1. There is an output folder parameter in the window where all the video parameters etc are set. Mine defaulted to C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Expression\Expression Encoder\Output\(machinename) date time\

  10. Hi, I am trying to covert a GoToWebinar file to be able to be seen on the MAC (it works fine on my PC). So, I used Expression Encoder 4 SP1 and the file I get is not showing the video but I can hear the audio (both on PC and MAC). Can anyone offer any advice?


    1. Hi Cameron, I’m not sure why the audio would be missing after using Expression Encoder. Can I suggest you try the BAT file method listed in my most recent blog post to remove the codec from your recording.

      1. Hi, I can hear the audio after using Expression but can’t see the video…would that be something different?

  11. When we recorded our GTW webinar, we did not select Convert to Windows media Player. As such, I’ve have not been able to convert this wmv file into an MP4. I ran across this thread and began to follow your suggestions. I have downloaded MS Expression 4 Sp1 and downloaded the GTW codec. However, when I import the wmv, I receive Error: Unknown Error has occurred. What else could I be missing from your instructions. Could it be because we didn’t capture streaming video on the webinar. We only recorded the ppt presentation….

      1. I have followed your instructions on #3 but I dont have a drag and drop feature. The batch file opens like an old dos window with the c prompt. It does not accept any data by dragging and dropping. any ideas? Thanks. in advance.

  12. This is a great post but when I try to import my video into Expression Encoder it says there is not enough video memory.

    OK it’s a big file (337Mo) but it is a webinar recording after all – it lasted 90 minutes,- so I am surprised by this message

    Any suggestion about what I can do about it please?


    1. Hi Jiles, you might not have enough free space on your hard drive, or at least not enough continuous free space. I would defragment your hard drive (Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmentor). You may also want to try Method 3 of my latest post.

  13. Hey, just wanted to chime in here. I don’t have Expression Encoder so I had to look for another solution. Turns out that there is one! In Program Files/Citrix/GoToMeeting/, there’s an exe called g2mtranscoder and a dll called g2m that you can use to transcode out of the g2m4 codec into a normal WMV via the Command Prompt. It seems to be lossless, and best of all I didn’t have to purchase any software to do it! has all the info.


    1. Hi Brendan, you don’t actually have to purchase Expression Encoder if you are only using it to remove the codec from a recording, since your now converting the actual file type. The transcoder.exe is built into GoToMeeting and is responsible for removing the codec automatically at the end of the session, if you have the GoToMeeting Recording Preferences set to WMV. One of my Co-Workers has actually written a batch file that makes using the transcoder.exe even easier, you can find it here

      1. Oh man! Apologies for talking like I know anything. I just now read your about page. I misunderstood the specific aim of this post.

        Thanks for the batch file info! That’ll be easier.


      2. No no don’t be! To be honest I could do with spending some time tidying up the various posts so it’s easier to find the most recent information.

  14. Hello, I wonder if you can help. I followed your instructions for step 1 and it worked fine. I then tried to add the encoded file into Camtasia for PC (which I already had) in order to edit it. However, when I tried to render it it keeps sticking at the 14.6% point – Any ideas on why this is? Thanks

    1. Hi, sometimes applications like Camtasia have trouble with the WMV file GoToMeeting creates. If you follow the 2nd Method and use Expression Encoder to save the file again, Camtasia should have no issues.

  15. Thanks for the post…. been struggling for quite a few hours trying to get the go to meeting codec removed from my WMV file before I came across this article… I downloaded expression encoder 4 but I get an error when trying to convert the video “error: Unkown error encoding file” when the application is still estimating conversion time before any real conversion happens. The original G2M WMV file may be corrupt because it plays just fine in windows media player but I can’t scrub (skip ahead) through the video … any advice you tip you could share would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  16. I am in the Any Video Recorder and after following your steps I clicked on convert the file and it still says it is at 0%…I have been waiting quite a while and nothing is happening.

  17. Thank you for the posts… I am trying to encode the wmv file in Expression, but I am receiving an “Unknown Error Encoding File” message. I did download the dll file for the new 5.4 version of GTM. I ran the command prompt successfully and then re-imported the wmv file into Expression and hit “Encode” but run into that error about 1 minute into it. Any thoughts?? (I have read some forum posts on this “error”, but it looks like there is no solution??)

  18. p.s. I did download AsfTools 3.1 and followed your intructions from another page (Lost Chunks, Process, Repair, etc. then take that file and import into Expression)… Still not working and getting Unknown Error 😦

  19. Hi, I am having the same problem as Jenn B. I keep getting an “Unknown Error” with Expression, I tried your 3rd fix, but my computer didn’t recognize the file types for the batch file downloads, so I couldn’t use that either. Any other suggestions?

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